In Freshdesk, groups are typically used to form teams of analysts. Analysts in each group can be restricted to view only their own tickets and the rest have different SLAs helpdesk.


However, in addition to gather analysts and control access privileges other groups play an important role in Freshdesk. You can use a group to assign tickets to analysts contained in it, sometimes manually, respecting the constraints imposed on them, or automatically, without any intervention from an administrator or supervisor.


As the tickets are usually assigned in a group?

Typically, tickets are assigned to a group or individually to an analyst. This is done manually by a member of staff, or the Distributor based on predefined rules for automation. When a ticket is assigned to a group, it does NOT mean that he was an analyst assigned to the group (either randomly or otherwise). 


Therefore means that any of the analysts that group can simply select and assign the ticket to himself or another member of the team can make it to the analyst.


There are several reasons why this may not suit you:

●  The analyst supervisor, whose job is assign tickets is not available full time.

●  Analysts are accustomed to having the tickets assigned to them. Analysts easily forget the new tickets and unassigned.


●  When a large number of tickets arrives, the task must be repeated several times. This is not only difficult, but also makes you inefficient and error-prone.


To avoid such problems, there are two different ways to automate this process.



Method # 1: Assign tickets automatically the hard way using the Distributor




This method is very useful when you have a group of experts in their support team and each can easily treat a specific type of ticket. It would make sense if you create rules Distributor and attributed them tickets of that type coming in a single mailbox. You can also give them tickets taking into account the subject or description of the ticket, considering the keywords of their areas of specialty.


This is an excellent way to take care of things when your support staff is unable to solve one type of problem. It is hard to configure and create the rules manually Distributor. There is no guarantee that its analysts have equal numbers of tickets to resolve. However, if you devote a little time to the task, you can use some tricks to get automatic assignment and take this letter.



Method 2: Automatically assign all tickets using the ticket assignment




The second method is simple and very easy to configure. For each group in their helpdesk, you can enable the "Automatic assignment of ticket" option and everything will be done automatically. The tickets will be distributed to all analysts group, the order of allocation of tickets. Thus, all analysts have the same amount of tickets to answer.


Just login to Administrator-> Groups , open the group for which you want to enable the allocation of tickets and click the radio button Automatic .


Enabling mode "Do Not Disturb"



Now, your tickets will be automatically assigned to the group and your job will be even easier. However, there can be several situations in which an analyst may need to refuse more tickets, for example, when he is busy with an important ticket or talking on the phone with someone.


To make sure that analysts have sufficient control, Freshdesk allows them to use the status "Available" and "Unavailable" whenever they want. Simply click on the green icon in the upper right corner of the screen, near your profile picture. The icon turns red, indicating that the analyst can not serve more tickets.


Analysts with the status "Unavailable" are automatically excluded from the allocation of tickets until their status change again. Just a simple click for analysts can control the flow of helpdesk whenever necessary.



Note: This feature only works with the function of allocating tickets and does not exclude the analyst of tickets assigned manually. You need to use the Distributor to initially assign tickets to the group or do the same when you configure your e-mail support. Otherwise, the automatic assignment will not work.