New marketplace apps and a few bug fixes are the order for the week - Release notes, October 10, 2018

Bug Fixes:

  1. Duplicate status values:

             We noticed that, at times, the default status values (Open, Pending, etc.) were getting duplicated when you try to create a custom status under Admin -> Ticket Fields. Now, you can create as many custom statuses as you like, sans the duplicates ;)

  2. URL navigation for automation rules:

            Trying to access an automation rule by clicking on the link didn't work as expected. It defaulted to the view where all rules would be listed. We've fixed this bug and it now takes you directly to the rule that requires your attention.

  3. An issue with the scorecard widget:

             Team Dashboards help you to setup customised widgets to track your team's metrics and you can choose a ticket view to stay on track of the numbers using the scorecard widget. But, changing the view that's tied to a widget didn't update the scorecard. Fixed!

  4. Freshconnect - messages from new users:

                Responses by new users sent immediately after adding them in the conversation weren't showing up without a page refresh. We've fixed this and the messages show up instantly.

App marketplace:

  1. Talkoo for Freshdesk: Connect your Talkoo account and manage all your customer interactions across different IM platforms (Telegram, Line) right from within Freshdesk.

  2. Highrise CRM: Give your agents a bit more context, on your customers, by bringing in relevant information from your Highrise CRM account.

  3. Hide/Disable ticket fields: With this new app, you can now hide/disable ticket fields for specific agents.

  4. Wistia in Freshdesk: Connect your Wistia account and start sharing videos right from the comfort of your Freshdesk account.