First, you need to access your admin page -> applications -> download more applications. Than, you need to find Reclame Aqui's app and install it. The installation page looks like this:

Figure 1: Reclame Aqui's installation page.

    To install the app, just fill the contact data with the asked information. First, the freshdesk domain name and API key. To find your API key, access your profile, your API key should be on the right side of the page as shown in Figure 2. The domain is just your domain name in your freshdesk url such as "".

Figure 2: Where your API key is located.

    Then, reclame aqui's authentication data, username and password, the language in which you wish to install the app, en-US or pt-BR, and a custom checkbox that you can choose if you want Reclame Aqui's data on your ticket description or on your ticket custom fields, both work the same way, just show data on different places, choose what you think it's best for you. Here's two pictures to show the difference between them: 

Figure 3: Reclame Aqui's data on ticket description.

Figure 4: Reclame Aqui's data on ticket custom fields.

How the app works:

    After the installation, the app works in a pretty easy way. You have response funcionalities and you can request evaluation or moderation for your complaint. To respond the customer in a public or private manner, you open a ticket and add a private note on to it with the response type option, either public or private, selected on the ticket's custom field, that's it. After you post the note, a notification will pop up letting you know if everything went ok, if the message didn't go through because of any reason, the note you posted will be deleted automatically. Figures 5 and 6 show a message being sent:

Figure 5: Writing a message with Private response type for the customer.

Figure 6: Notification informing if the message was sent correctly.

    To request a moderation or evaluation, you need to open the front-end app and click on the button on which request you wish to make. After that, a new modal will be open on your screen and you just need to follow the instructions to request the evaluation or moderation. After you press send, a notification will appear showing you if the moderation or evaluation went through and, if it didn't, the reason why. Figures 7, 8 and 9 illustrate these functionalities:

Fig 7: Front end app interface

Figure 8: Request Moderation modal page.

Figure 9: Request Evaluation modal page.

    Besides these functionalities, the rest of the work is done solely by the app. Customers responses, private or public ones, will be added automatically as private notes on the ticket that is corresponding to the customer's complaint. Above these automatically added notes, will be a little message written "Public response from customer" or "Private message from customer", so you can differentiate between messages that the customer sent and messages you sent, since they all will be represented as private notes. Figures 10 and 11 are examples of these messages:

Figure 10: Public response from customer.

Figure 11: Private message from customer.

    Response of moderation requests will also be added as private notes on the corresponding ticket, as such shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12: Moderation response.

    And that's it, the app installation is pretty easy as it's just data input and the functionalities are pretty straight forward and easy to use. If you have any trouble with the app you can contact us at our support email. Hope this app brings good use for whoever will use it.