Release notes - 2 de Agosto de 2018. Nova integração com 'One Drive' e mais


  1. Interface API para mostrar/esconder o botão 'editar' na página de ticket:

                You can now build apps to show/hide the edit button for agents on the ticket page. Keep an tab on our developer documentation as we update the newly added APIs.

  2. Interface API para remover 'Quoted text' on ticket replies:

                This interface API allows you to define a function that can automatically click the remove quoted text button available on the ticket reply editor. 

Correções de Bugs:

  1. UI Breakage in survey email:

                The survey embedded to emails started to carry exposed html tags and it was occurring only when viewed on Outlook Windows client. This has been fixed now.

App marketplace:

  1. URL To Hyperlink: This app lets you to define custom URL fields on tickets and automatically creates hyperlinks for quick access.

  2. Original "TO" address: Using this app, you can reply using the address to which the ticket was originally sent to, irrespective of the product value set on the ticket.

  3. OneDriveThis app allows agents to link their personal OneDrive accounts and attach files on the tickets directly from Freshdesk.