Release notes - 6 de Agosto de 2018. Quick bug fixes are the order of the week

Bug Fixes:

  1. Mouse middle button to open tickets in a new tab (Mint):

                If you're an heavy user of the mouse middle button or ctrl+right click shortcut to open tickets in a new tab, this is going to make you happy. We've fixed the bug last week (partially?) but the ticket seem to load in both the current and the new tab. This time we've handled all the cases better.

  2. Contact search redirection (Mint):

                 Searching for a newly created contact shifts the focus from the spotlight search and moves to the contact list page. This has been fixed now and the focus stays on the spotlight search.

  3. Adding BCC email addresses:

                 The BCC field under Admin -> Email wasn't accepting more than one entry. It now accepts multiple entries separated by comma, just as expected.

  4. JIRA integration - private notes fix:

                 The edit/delete button was available on the private notes added through the JIRA integration. This has been fixed now and the option doesn't show up only for notes added via the integration.

That's all it, folks!