Release notes - 9th August, 2018. Contact slider changes, Dynamics 365 sync and more!


  1. Changes in contact slider: (Mint)

                The mandatory fields (unique identifiers) for a contact are grouped together to make it easier for the agents to quickly create contacts.  

Bug Fixes:

  1. Ticket export failures:

                    Few agents weren't able to export ticket data from their Freshdesk accounts as it was erring out with the message "Error while exporting data. Please contact support". We've rolled out a fix that would make life easier for them, again.

  2. Tag management in Admin: (Mint)

                    All of the tags added in the helpdesk (Tickets, Solutions, Contacts) can be managed from the Admin -> Tags section. Each tag gets listed here along with the number of entities that they were associated with. Clicking on the number should take you to the ticket list view with the list of tickets filtered for the tag - This wouldn't have been possible earlier.

  3. Parent-Child ticketing and multiple companies: (Mint)

                    For contacts associated to multiple companies, it wasn't possible to create a ticket for secondary company values and it always defaulted to the first company record on the contact's profile. This has been fixed now.

  4. Attachments lost on clicking "Enter" while editing the ticket description (Mint)

App marketplace:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM : Built by Recursyv, this app allows you to sync contacts&companies between the two systems. It also allows users in CRM to view tickets raised by a particular contact.

  2. Zoom V2:This one works on MINT and allows agents to generate zoom meeting links and share it with the customers right from Freshdesk.