Release notes - 14th August, 2018. New APIs, keyboard shortcut bug fixes and more!


  1. 'List all Scenario automations' - New API endpoint:

                This API helps you to fetch information about all the scenario automations configured in your helpdesk. The documentation is a WIP but here's the endpoint if you'd like to play around with it:

  2.  New API endpoint to get the list of all Canned responses:

                You can now use the API to get the list of Canned responses/ folders in which they are placed. Below are the two endpoints that you can make use of:[ID]

  3. Curate your articles better with the new feedback view: (MINT)

                 You can now view all feedback tickets submitted for a article or all articles from the ticket list view. We're also making it easier to navigate to this view from an article :)

Bug Fixes:

  1. Using keyboard shortcuts to navigate across tickets: (MINT)

                    While using keyboard shortcuts to navigate across tickets, the ticket status didn't refresh and it always rendered the previous tickets' value. This has been fixed now.

  2. Keyboard shortcuts don't work unless the focus is shifted to the ticket page: (MINT)

                    With this fix, as soon as you enter a ticket page, you can start using the keyboard shortcuts, no more clicks needed to get them activated. This should hold good for all other pages too.

  3. Ticket status to be displayed in the list view of tickets linked to a tracker/parent ticket: (MINT)

That's all it,folks.