Announcement widget, SSO changes and more. Release notes - August 21,2018


  1. Announcement widget: (MINT)

                    We've a new addition to the recently released Team Dashboards - Announcement widgets. These widgets can be configured by admins/supervisors to send out an announcement to all agents in the helpdesk. These announcements stay on top of the dashboard widgets and also the agents would receive an in-app alert as soon as an announcement gets posted.

                    If you'd like to add this to your account, drop us a note on this discussion thread.

  2. Count of related tickets on tracker/parent ticket in the list view: (MINT)

                    In the tickets list view page, the count of related tickets would now be displayed alongside a parent/tracker ticket. You can also see the list of tickets associated by clicking on the number.

  3. Ability to re-size the inline images: (MINT)

                        You can now re-size the images added inline to the ticket replies. Click on the image, drag the borders as you like to change the image dimensions.

  4. "Convert ticket to a forum topic" option: (MINT)

                        Have a ticket that you think can benefit the community? Now, go ahead and convert the ticket into a forum topic with ease.

  5. Security update - Change in SSO hash expiration time:

                            As part of a security update, the validity of the hash being generated for SSO (Single Sign On) with Freshdesk is being set to +/- 30 seconds from the time of hash generation. If the user tries to login after 30 seconds, the hash would be invalidated and the session would be timed out.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Ticket fields aren't populated using the "Convert Forum to a ticket" option:

                            We noticed that the ticket fields weren't getting populated with the requester information and the description while using this option on IE11 and MS EDGE browsers. It works like a charm now with this fix!

  2. "Automatically re-open tickets when a customer responds" automation:

                            The observer automation that automatically re-opens the ticket when a customer responds, didn't work for tickets created via Twitter. We managed to find that the user_ids weren't getting recorded on twitter tickets (due to a recent change in their API) and that caused the rule to fail. Fixed now!

That's all it, folks!