Changes to 'List all tickets' API response, an easter egg & a few bug fixes - Release notes, 23rd August,2018.


  1. 'Association type' and 'Tags' in 'List all tickets' API response:

                    The long awaited API update is here - You'd now be able to obtain the tags and the association type (Tracker/Parent/Child) of tickets using the List all tickets API. We're hopeful of making our community users on this thread happy :)

There's a small enhancement made to the recently released Announcement widget feature. We won't reveal it - it's an easter egg! You can actually view it when no one has viewed it ;) 

Bug Fixes:

  1. Error with the 'Archived tickets' export:

                    Trying to export the archived tickets resulted in an error that would have urged you to reach out to our support. It will no longer come in your way when you export those tickets now. We've squashed this one!

  2. Keyboard shortcuts on Ticket details page:

                    The keyboard shortcuts didn't work when the focus gets shifted to several elements on the ticket page (for ex. profile button, chat toggle, etc.). This has been fixed and you can now shortcut your way into the tickets!

  3. Keyboard shortcuts in the mix - again!

                    Using keyboard shortcuts to navigate across tickets would have given you a sense of Déjà vu - you would have seen the same To-Do list items appearing on all tickets. We've fixed it now.

  4. Issue with Company import with special characters:

                    If a company name has '&' (ampersand) in the name, it wasn't parsed properly earlier and caused issues with the import. Now, we've made sure we treat'em special!

Until next time, folks!