Contextual collaborations powered by Freshconnect and a few bug fixes - Release notes, 28th August, 2018.


  1. Freshdesk - Freshconnect integration:

                            The Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration helps you to collaborate with both internal teams as well as external partners with full context about the ticket. 

    This is available on Freshdesk Mint interface and will soon be rolled to all accounts irrespective of the plan.

    If you'd like to get early access to Freshconnect, please register here. 

Bug Fixes:

  1. Shortcut to open tickets on a new tab: (Mint)

                            Using the keyboard shortcut (CMD+right click) on the ticket list view, opens the ticket on a new tab. However, in the current tab, the ticket appeared to have been selected. This has been fixed now!

  2. Keyboard shortcuts get activated: (Mint)

                            We noticed that the disabled keyboard shortcuts get activated inadvertently upon using the quick actions in ticket replies. Now, the keyboard shortcuts will stay disabled as long as you re-activate them!

  3. Missing widgets for agents with custom roles: (Mint)

                            For agents with custom roles, the agent availability widgets went missing even if they had the privilege to manage agents. We've made sure these widgets show up irrespective of the interface (Classic or Mint).

  4. Issue with 'Quoted text' on forwarded emails: (Mint)

                            Even if the quoted text was removed by the agents manually while forwarding the tickets, they made their way into the emails that actually got sent to the users. We've made sure that the agent's preference stays through!

That's all it, folks!