Advanced ticketing, WeChat integration and more - Release notes, 4th September, 2018


        Advanced ticketing: (Mint)

            Enable Advanced ticketing and deal with outages/complex tickets with ease. Three features packed into one module - Linked tickets, Parent-Child ticketing and Shared Ownership

            To enable any of these features, navigate to Admin -> Advanced ticketing section.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Archived tickets view: (Mint)

            Even for accounts that don't have enough tickets to enable ticket archiving, the ticket list page had archived tickets showing up among the list of views. This has been fixed!

  2. Unable to update contacts after editing them: (Mint)

             Imported contacts that didn't have the 'Can see all tickets from the company' value set, erred out when the agents tried to update the profile information. We've now handled this case better!

  3. Contact language set to English by default: (Mint)

            Using the quick create contact option, contacts were getting created with English as the default language irrespective of the primary language set in the helpdesk. We found the reason to be the missing language parameter in the API call and made the necessary changes.

  4. Unable to reply if the email has CC'd contacts: (Mint)

            A rare scenario on Mint - replies to tickets were failing if the email had CC  addresses. Fixed now.

  5. Attach to response: (Mint)

            Trying to use the 'attach to responseoption after inserting a canned response in the reply, didn't work as intended. We've got this covered now!

App marketplace:

  1. WeChat integration: (PAID) - Integrate your WeChat account and handle customer messages right within Freshdesk.

  2. MS Flow Integration: Create automated workflows and connect Freshdesk with the application of your choice.

  3. Hootsuite integration: Manage Social channels as well as support tickets on your Hootsuite account.  

  4. Auto start timer: **Upgraded**  Define start and stop statuses for the timers and track time spent on tickets automatically.