Changes to Multi-Lingual helpdesk setup and a few bug fixes - Release notes, 10th September 2018


  1. Change your primary language:

                 Earlier with Multi-Lingual helpdesk setup and different supporting languages chosen, the primary language becomes un-editable. With this enhancement, you'd be able to choose your primary language for the helpdesk at any point of time, albeit with some data loss. This will be rolled out to all eligible accounts in a day or two.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Timezone issues with Today's Trends widget (Mint):

                    The Today's Trends widget data seem to reset by 00.00 UTC and not based on the account timezone. This has been fixed now.

  2. UI fix for toggle button in automations:

                    In the Classic interface, the toggle button seem to disrupt the text if the account language is a non-english one. Fixed!

  3. 'Send & Set as <status>' option doesn't work on Firefox 61:

                    The option to send a response and set the status of the ticket simultaneously didn't seem to work only with specific versions of Mozilla Firefox. We've got this covered.

  4. Error with agent/contact activation:

                    If the account has agent/contact activation email turned off and if the agent tries to send the instructions manually, the activation links wouldn't work as expected. The workaround suggested earlier was to give it a pause after contact creation before triggering the activation email but with this fix, you can send them at will :)

App marketplace:

  1. ClearbitClearbit helps agents with more context on the contact/company by providing publicly available details like Title, Company size, technologies that they work on, etc.