Audit Log, changes to one contact-multiple companies limit and new exciting marketplace apps - Release notes, 17th September 2018


  1. Audit Log: (MINT)

            Keep track of the changes made in your helpdesk with Audit Log. The next time you're unsure of who made the change in any of the automation rules or agent profile, you know where to go :) Read this article to know more on what Audit Log has to offer.

    This feature will be available on the Estate and Forest plans and will be rolled out to existing accounts in batches.

  2. Associating a contact to multiple companies:

            With this enhancement, you'd now be able to associate a contact to upto 300 companies in Freshdesk. Earlier, the limit was set to 20 companies per contact.

  3. RTL languages support: (MINT)

            Support for RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc. on the Mint interface.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Issue with dropdown choices - '&' getting intercepted as '&amp': 

                On the Classic interface, trying to update the dropdown fields that have values with '&' (ampersand) included, failed due to some reason. We managed to figure out the root cause - '&' getting intercepted as '&amp' during update and hence fails due to mismatch in values. This has been fixed now.

  2. Unable to clear URL value for a contact: (MINT)

                If you had previously added an URL value for a contact and if you wish to delete it completely, it resulted in an error stating that the URL field is mandatory. This has been fixed now and the contact can be updated with empty URL value.

  3. Issue with JIRA integration: (MINT)

                You'd have noticed 404 errors on trying to link a ticket to a JIRA issue or while creating a new JIRA issue from Freshdesk. You don't have to worry about this bug anymore - we've got it covered for you!

App marketplace:

  1. Requester info plus: Display all contact/company related information on the ticket details page with this app.  

  2. Octoboard: Create dashboards to track support team metrics and actionable insights with this new integration.  

  3. Telegram Connect: This paid app (~$20/agent/month) connects your telegram account with Freshdesk. Your agents can respond to incoming telegram messages as tickets right from your Freshdesk account.  

  4. Non-Billable by default: This app makes all your time entries non-billable by default on the Mint interface.  

  5. Asana integration: Create tasks and link tickets to your Asana projects and manage them easily.  

  6. Support Credits: Track Support Credits purchased by a company

That's all it, Folks!