New Interface API, a K-Base update and a few bug fixes - Release notes, October 1, 2018


  1. Interface API to fetch the current page URL:

                      You can now include params in the url and redirect to Freshdesk new ticket page. The params can be fetched and used to look up for specific information in an external system and populate them in the ticket page.

  2. Changes to the Data & Interface API:

                        When agents with restricted group access try to create a new ticket/send a response on a ticket, they will be able to access only the support email addresses that belong to the groups that they're part of.

  3. 'Copy Link' option in solution articles (MINT):

                        Agents can now easily share an article from the article page by using this option. The link to the article on the customer portal will be copied to the clipboard.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Ticket cannot be updated if the subject is blank(MINT):

            It wasn't possible to update a ticket when the ticket subject was empty. It resulted in a payload error and forced you to switch back to the old UI to close/update these tickets. We've fixed the bug and you don't have to switch back and forth anymore!

  2. View all contacts of a company - error(MINT):

            Clicking on 'View all' option in any company page, resulting in an error "Customer segmentation doesn't exist. Loading all contacts". Fixed now!

  3. Issue with deleted contacts & their survey responses:

            The survey responses managed to stay afloat even if the contacts were deleted. We've handled this case and they no longer stay in your helpdesk when you delete a contact.

  4.  Solutions/Forums on IE11(MINT):

            Solutions/ Forums didn't load as expected on IE11. This browser compatibility issue has been squashed now.

  5. Unable to close tickets from the ticket list view(MINT):

            On accounts that had multiple products enabled and the product field mandatory to close tickets, trying to bulk update tickets from the list view resulted in an error. Fixed now.

App marketplace:

  1. Wistia IntegrationAdd your Wistia videos in tickets by the click of a button! Works only with the Mint interface.