Bug fix for JIRA integration and new marketplace apps - Release Notes, October 22, 2018

Bug Fix:

  1. Issues with JIRA integration:

            On Freshdesk Mint, trying to create a JIRA issue was failing because of the wrong parameters sent in the create request. On further analysis, it was found that the requests were failing only when the parameters Fix Versions and Remaining time estimate were sent alongside other params. This has been fixed now!

App marketplace:

  1. Easy Digital DownloadsIntegrate your Easy Digital account and get all the purchase information of your customer in Freshdesk.

  2. MS Dynamics CRMConnect your MS Dynamics CRM account with Freshdesk and help your agents with additional context about the customers. This is an update for the Mint interface.

  3. Remove Quoted textThis app removes the Quoted text from the conversations in Freshdesk. Quoted text stores all previous conversations of a ticket and can sometimes, prove intrusive for the agent who's working on the ticket.

That's all it, folks!


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