Release Notes - 20 de Setembro de 2019


  • Service Requests: We've now introduced "Service Request Fulfilment" where agents can quickly search for an item in stock and allocate it to the user within the ticket’s page. Thereby, reducing the workload involved in requesting and receiving access to these services. More info here.

  • Workflow Automator: Users can now select the “Associate Tickets” option from the action node for a change workflow and perform operations such as close all the associated tickets using workflows.

  • Knowledge Base: Freshservice now lets you manage your solutions by editing the permission settings on the folders. More info here.

            Note: Only Agents who have permissions to create/edit a Category or Folder can add Agent Group(s) within a                   folder.

  • Service Catalog: Introducing Dynamic Sections for service items where users can ensure their request forms fetch contextual information rather than bombarding customers with irrelevant and too many fields.

  • Assign / Remove Assets from Agent or Requester page: 
    • Agents can quickly assign and return assets directly from the a requester or agent profile. 
    • On the Agent profile page, the list of assets assigned to the agent is now displayed, instead of the list of assets managed by the agent that was shown in the past.

  • Introducing Asset Auto Assignment: With the new Auto Assignment feature, devices can be assigned to your users automatically when discovered using the Freshservice discovery tools. Once the feature is enabled under Admin -> Discovery -> Settings -> Asset Auto Assignment, the Used By and Department fields of the assets will be updated automatically. More info here.

  • Asset Export: You can export assets based on the current view as a CSV file and an Excel sheet. This will allow you to easily export a filtered list of assets instead of exporting all assets in an asset type and filtering in a sheet later.

  • Freshservice Discovery Probe 4.1.0: Updates to SCCM Integration
    • Introduced support for syncing Used By of a device directly from SCCM views if device ownership information is available in SCCM
    • Fixed an issue where the IP Address was not scanned in the SCCM integration
    • Fixed an issue where changes made to devices.csv & sccmtablemapper.json in the Probe files where overwritten when updating the probe. 
    • More info here.

  • Ticket List Page: The tabular view in tickets now support “Departments” field.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Ticket List Page: When users navigated to the tabular view for tickets, they were redirected to the support portal. This is now fixed.
  • Sandbox: Users couldn’t sync department fields from sandbox to their Freshservice account. This is now fixed.
  • Support Portal: Requesters were unable to access attachments from the support portal. This is now fixed.
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